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If you are an aspiring sports journalist, football writer or a fan of the Beautiful Game who just wants to express his views to an ever growing audience, perhaps you would like to share your expertise and knowledge with the readers of the Eagles FC – Crystal Palace FC Fan Website.

Getting your voice out to thousands of fans, becoming an authoritative figure or earning exposure for your own personal blog, are just some of the reasons why you should consider writing for the Eagles FC.

While previous samples will be much appreciated, applicants do not require prior experience or indeed an expert level of English writing skills. Our only main criterion is that you are a passionate fan with strong views and can express yourself through your writing in a clear and concise manner.

Obviously, plagiarism is frowned upon and the articles will be immediately rejected if your work has been copy and pasted from another source.

Important: We will not be able to pay interested writers at this moment in time but if one contributes quality pieces regularly, opportunities for paid positions are certain to open up in the future.

For any additional queries, please feel free to drop us a line below or contact us through our Twitter or Facebook pages.

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